Core USA Inc. Opens new office in Toronto

Import and Supply Chain Management Firm enters the Canadian market

Toronto, ON, December 8, 2017: Earlier this year, the American company Core USA Inc. acted in plans to expand its horizons by entering the Canadian market and opening an office in Toronto. Core USA is an importer of clothing, accessories, household textiles, shoes and household appliances and aims to connect the Canadian market with established and future supply centers such as Bangladesh, India, China, Turkey, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc. Core USA Inc. works closely with global manufacturing / supplying companies, Synergies Worldwide and Oculas Virtual Manufacturing.

This expansion coincides with Synergies Worldwide’s 30th anniversary celebration. With 20 key offices in 18 countries around the world, Synergies is a global leader in low-cost solutions. Currently synergies are used by some of the top fast fashion brands, off retailers and responsible discount stores across Europe, America and Asia. An elegant business model, positioned to operate in low delivery times, low margins and highly competitive prices, allows Synergies Worldwide to work with any of the fashion companies in the world.

Oculas Virtual Manufacturing is an agile orchestrator in the fashion retail supply chain with minimal quantities of flexible orders and customized collections tailored to customer needs. Oculas supports fashion retailers (and) with the entire supply chain organization, based on full transparency, compliance and fair play policy.

Core, in partnership with the Synergies Group and Oculas, maintains direct and strategic manufacturing relationships with suppliers and ensures that delivery standards are met. In addition, Core believes in full transparency and compliance. All manufacturing partners comply with international standards and the code of conduct.


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