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These key factors enable us to work with fashion companies around the world:

  • Dynamic business models positioned to operate on short lead times, low margins and flexible volume.
  • Focus on sustainable product offers.
  • Existing sourcing and production presence in key low-cost and duty-free countries of the world.
  • Highly competitive product prices and service fees.


  • Research & Development

    Research In Synergies Worldwide, we believe that Research & Development is the foundation of any collection. Our R&D teams in different locations source and develop the latest fabrics, finishes and washes ahead of the market. The team works closely with our extensive network of mills in order to provide customers with quality products in their desired price. Development Our Technical Support Teams ensure that samples are created and developed safely according to customers’ product required specification.

  • Design

    DESIGN STUDIO Our team of designers travel around the world to look for design inspirations and novel ideas that breathe new designs to our customers specification. We add value to our customers’ inhouse design teams and enhance their product while keeping true to their brand identity.

  • Production

    SOURCING Our presence in Asia enables us to manage our manufacturing operations effectively. PRODUCTION CONTROL We have experienced technical experts on-site who monitor and control the quality at our factories. QUALITY With our experienced and skilled on-site Quality Control teams, we can provide our partners with the transparency and controls needed to measure the quality of each order.

  • Operations Support

    OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE In Synergies Worldwide, these teams collaborate with their counterparts to ensure that operations are carried out smoothly and with efficiency across the supply chain.


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POSITIVE IMPACTWe see ourselves as the extended arm, ear and eye of our customer.
We deliver our best efforts that all business objectives and practices are aligned to create a positive impact for your world-wide supply chain, the surrounding environment and for you.


REUSE, RECYCLE, REBORNSynergies Worldwide is passionate about using technology to create sustainable fabrics. We are invested in solutions, partners and suppliers that create new products from materials that can be reused, recycled and reborn into a new product. We can help your company reach your sustainability goals and work together to protect our living planet, Earth.

ynergies Worldwide is committed to ethical, compliant and sustainable sourcing in every aspect of our operations and supply chain management. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is the tool where we execute rigorous supplier certifications, coaching and mentoring, proprietary audits and unannounced monitoring. All manufacturers are also required to achieve and maintain both Synergies Worldwide corporate certifications and those of the individual buyers/customers or other international accredited organizations.

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You can not make a good
economics out of a bad ethics

Ezra Pound



Guido Schlossmann

Group President & CEO

Krupali Mehta

General Manager (IND)

Habib Hirji

Managing Partner & CEO (BGD)

He Yu Fang

General Manager (Ningbo, CHN)

Khizar Munir


Rehan Ahmedani

Director (PAK)

Aimee Pantin - Baynosa

Senior Operation Manager

Ramit Aggarwal

Managing Partner & CEO (IND)

Atif Ahmed

Director (BGD)

Sadruddin Hirji

Director (BGD)

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Company News

A Story on Sustainability
February 10, 2020

"Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association is taking the next steps proactively towards a sustainable growth."
Witness how Bangladesh strives to hashtag#GoGreen thru their sustainability story and how they encourage their partners to support the initiative.

Synergies Bangladesh Gives Winter Clothing to the Poor
January 05, 2020

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."
Synergies Bangladesh is helping their community keep warm at the start of the year.
Through a program called 'Faith, Hope, Love, and Fellowship', Synergies reaches out to the less privileged members of their communities to distribute winter clothing to men, women, and children; to ensure that everyone has access to warm clothing during the colder months in Bangladesh.
Kudos to the team for organizing a winter clothing drive.
Every good deed one does is multiplied and rewarded.

Our CEO attends 10th Annual Global Sourcing Day 2017 in Hong Kong
December 8, 2018

What are Todays Greatest Sourcing Challenges and How can we Address Them?
Global Sourcing Society (GSS) in collaboration with CBX Software celebrated its 10th Annual Global Sourcing Day in Hongkong on December 8, 2017. One of the discussions during the event focused on today’s greatest sourcing challenges and how to best address them. The panel discussion was led by Guido Schlossmann, Group President and CEO, Synergies Worldwide Limited; Paul Wash COO, Newtimes Group; and Paul Wright, Managing Director, Shop Direct Home Shopping.
Watch the full video to learn about the subject.

Synergies CYCLOs Sustainable Collection
November 19, 2018

Instead of watching the waste from billions of dollars worth of ready-made garment products make its way into landfills, it is being reclaimed and turned into eco-friendly, recycled cotton yarns. Textile waste is shredded and blended with sustainable synthetic fibers to create new yarns and fabrics.
Why waste the waste when it can be REDUCED, REUSED, and RECYCLED?
CYCLO cares about what we wear. #SaveMotherEarth #PreconsumerRecycledFiber #DesignedinBangladesh #MadeinBangladesh
Certified by #GlobalRecyclingStandard (GRS) and #RecycledClaimStandards (RCS)
For more details please, get in touch with cyclo@synergiesbangladesh.com

Synergies Worldwide Bangladesh Gives Back
January 27, 2018

On January 27, 2018, a Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) was organized by Synergies Bangladesh Management & Team at Goloria, Shaturia Manikgonj, Bangladesh, through Blanket-giving.
The blankets are to give comfort & warmth to our brothers & sisters in Goloria, during the cold season.
> It was a small act of kindness from Bangladesh Team but people of Goloria were grateful, their faces light up and were smiling upon receiving the gifts.
Kudos to Bangladesh Team!
At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you’ve accomplished..
It’s about who you’ve lifted up & what you’ve given back.

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary in Bangkok
August 22, 2017

A business that thrives on the intrinsic characters of the founders. That is, Synergies Worldwide.
August 22, 2017 - A diverse work group with rock solid commitment in forwarding the organizations vision, gathered together for a fun-filled, creative, and surprise-packed Annual Town Hall at Renaissance Ratchaprasong Hotel, Bangkok.
Soaring high to new heights, Synergies Town Hall became an avenue for inculcating a collective company CULTURE built on trust, excellent CUSTOMER service, optimized use of modern TECHNOLOGY, and effective & efficient VENDOR management.
A look back at Synergies Worldwide humble beginnings to 30 solid years of sustained growth solidified the team spirit. At the end of the day, everyone was wearing his CCTV badge with pride. (c)
Dont miss the highlights of 30 solid years of teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration. Cheers!


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